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New EP underway Pangaea!

Prepare for the Ground Breaking 5 song debut!


Transcendence is excited to announce that their five song debut EP titled Pangaea is well underway, The Eclectic arrangement of these songs are the bands first chance to show listeners the diversity of their sound as a whole following up from there single Never Back Down released last year.

"Never Back Down was just a starting place." said by the band. "It was a nice to give our fans something to listen to, but it only showed off the heavier side of things. Our music is so much more then that, and these five songs really bring that to the surface."

" We really want to keep people in suspense for what were going to do next, and don't want to limit ourselves too one genre or sound. Our influences are infinite and we believe our music should be too."

The release date for Pangaea has not been announced, but the band says fans can expect it to hit the shelves in the next coming months.

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